Ncc: private transport services in Rome

An high quality solution, an alternative to public transportation to move around Rome: besides buses, trains and the metro, in the Capital, it is possible to request a car rental service with a private driver. A possibility guaranteed by law for a service that takes the name of Ncc Roma.
A car rental with driver and is used by many people to move around Rome; to reach airports and train stations; to move from airports and stations and reach the city center when you arrive in Rome, for holidays or for work. The Ncc Roma services are a safe and comfortable way to travel: they also guarantee safety in terms of of hygiene since these private cars are cleaned with ozone before each new ride.

Comfortable and fast high quality services

Ncc services are high quality but still cheap, with a rate agreed before the booking. All cars are equipped with every comfort, have a private driver available, dressed in suits and able to correctly speak in English. An efficient service, ideal for those with work, business or other needs and must travel without risk of delays.
Ncc cars are companies that rent cars for short periods of time with a private driver available. Unlike public taxis, which stop in specifically marked public areas, the Ncc service is aimed at a many person and is not forced to perform service only in the territory of the municipality of Rome, it can also move throughout other italian cities.

Travel in comfort with a private driver

A NCcc service can also be useful for weddings, ceremonies, events and parties. An efficient way of getting around Rome; to and from airports, stations; to reach other cities of Italy in total comfort and with a private driver. Since 1992 it is possible to travel in Italy with this private car and driver service available as an alternative to public transport or taxis.
Our proposal is aimed at all those who are looking for more comfortable and safe solutions to get around Rome: a car rental service with driver is very efficient, punctual, convenient since it provides a previously agreed economic rate, at the time of booking by the customer.

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