Public taxi in Rome: how does it work

transfer service rome fleet carOne of the quickest ways to move around Rome is to rely on the public taxi service. In order to use these services it is essential to contact the various companies that offer public taxi Rome transport: there are several numbers to call, such as 063570 and 066645.
Public taxi in Rome can be taken at stations and airports, where there are special parking spaces; or be contacted by telephone at the numbers indicated above. Usually it is cheaper to take a taxi parked at the right stop than to call it. In the latter case, the rate will be higher.
A service that is undoubtedly convenient for getting around Rome, as an alternative to buses and the metro; but there are also several problems related to public taxi services in the Capital.

Public taxi in Rome: problems and difficulties

Among the critical elements of taxi Rome there are the long waits that can often occur, especially in the periods with the greatest influx of tourists and in the most requested points, namely stations and airports. It often happens to see long lines of tourists waiting, with their luggage, to be able to take a taxi. Not only at the airport and stations, even in the city, inside Rome, waiting times can often be long.
As for the prices of public taxis in Rome, the rates for the airports are fixed: to reach Fiumicino airport, or to go from Fiumicino airport to the center of Rome, the fixed taxi Rome fare is 48 euros. If you do not want to take these risks and if you want to have a more comfortable, effective, personalized service, you can contact the private car with driver.

Car service with private driver

This service in Italy is called Ncc, a word that indicates car rental with driver. Unlike public taxis, with a Ncc you will have a private car with an elegant driver at your disposal. A comfortable and exclusive service to avoid the long waits that may exist in the case of the public taxi service and to travel in high comfort, inside elegant and refined cars.
Private chauffeur driven services have agreed and cheap rates, even compared to those of public taxis. An alternative solution, especially useful for those who are in Rome on vacation and arrive at an airport or station, with luggage, and do not want to wait for long. The Ncc service in Rome can be booked before leaving so as to find the driver to wait as soon as you arrive in the Capital.

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