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transfer service romeTransfer Service Rome will provide you a luxury private transportation in Rome, 24H, 7 days.

With a project conceived by Mr. Celentano Flavio, we provide maximum comfort and support to the client during their holidays or working days.

We have an excellent reputation in the city of Rome thanks to the professionalism of the services offered and experience gained in the field for over 15 years.

Embassies, hotels, tour operators, event organizing agencies and a vast client base of managers and companies, expand the value of our company and of our work.

Honesty, courtesy and discretion are added values on which our work is based

Transfer Service Rome intends to acquire online notoriety, in order to offer our fiduciary and transport services to national and international customers.

For this we rely on professionals who take care of our websites in order to reach the top positions on search engines.

Over the years, the investment has been considerable, but with the technology in constant evolution, our company intends to always be constantly updated.

With considerable sacrifice and immense dedication to work it is essential for us to offer the highest quality services, with the opportunity to improve what we offer, taking inspiration from the numerous reviews that travelers insert in our company profiles.

For this reason, our task is to satisfy the customer in every request, even the most particular and delicate.

Our car fleet is made up of the best cars, flawless both in design and mechanics. Luxury sedans and minivans, meet the transportation requirements from 1 to 8 people.

Regularly controlled and inspected, all the vehicles are subjected to our own periodic evaluations with priority given to igienic control and sanitation.

All our cars are insured as required by legislation, insuring both third parties and passengers transported.

The vehicles are equipped with air conditioning, leather seats, privacy windows, and other accessories that are an integral part to our representation vehicles.

The drivers, regularly hired on our company, are in possession of a driving license of category B and KB (Certificate of Professional Qualification) and meet the requirement of enrollment in the Roll of Drivers established at the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts.

On an annual basis, they are subjected to strict controls in order to maintain the requirements for work eligibility.