Covid 19: travel safely on private cars in Rome

ozono cleaningCovid 19 has made necessary to adopt safety measures also in the field of public and private transport. Traveling in the big cities, as in the case of Rome, can be risky as it is difficult to keep the minimum safety distances. This difficulty mainly refers to some means, such as public buses and trains.
A safer solution to move around Rome with the Covid 19 is to get a private transport service: the Ncc services are, in Italy, private transport with car and driver available. Our private chauffeur service in Rome has complied with the regulations issued by the Italian Ministry of Transport on April 14, 2020 relating to the sanitation of public transportation.

Public transportation Italian law

Italian law establishes the sanitation of public transportation should be appropriate and frequent. Our private transport services in Rome comply with this regulation and set the sanitation of our cars: to perform this sanitation we use ozone, that can remove all viruses and bacteria. At the end of each single ride our vehicles are thoroughly sanitized, before leaving with other customers.Ozone is the safest and most effective method of cleaning and sanitizing a car at the end of each run. Ozone is a powerful natural disinfectant, effective in sanitizing and sterilizing indoor environments.

Safe transportation service in Rome for Covid 19

Our private transport service is suitable for safely moving in this complicated period due to the spread of Covid 19. Our company ensures daily cleaning of cars that are used to carry passengers. The use of public transportation, as in the case of buses, metro or trains, can be dangerous at this time for the spread of the virus as it is difficult to maintain safety distances and to sanitize the best, frequently, buses or metro.
Our Ncc service, car with private driver available to move in Rome, to airports or stations, guarantees maximum security; all our cars are carefully sterilized at the end of each journey, before picking up new passengers. One more reason to choose to rely on private transport services with driver in Rome.

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