Transfer Taxi Rome : Visit to Basilica di San Pietro

Rome is a city that some know only for the Roman Empire remains. Romans, during the ancient era, made a small village built on the banks of the Tiber become one of the largest and most famous inhabited centers of all time. The Eternal City, however, is also famous for being the center of Christianity: here, in fact, lies the head of the Catholic church, the Pope, and there are 4 of the 6 most important papal churches in the world.

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Among these the best known is certainly St. Peter, for its size and because next to is the Apostolic Palace (the current residence of the Pope). This basilica, actually, is not part of the Italian state: it is in fact located in the small state of Vatican City.

The most important Christian celebrations (Christmas and Easter, the proclamation of new Popes or the canonization of new saints of the Catholic Christian church) are held there. Over time this Basilica has taken the roman nickname of “Cupolone”, due to its enormous size.

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Besides the Basilica, which preserves important artistic works such as the “Pietà” of Michelangelo, it is also important to visit Piazza San Pietro that surrounds it. This square, and its colonnade, were built by architect Gian Lorenzo Bernini in the mid-seventeenth century, under the pontificate of Alexander VII.

The construction of  San Peter Basilica began on April 18, 1506, under Pope Julius III and ended in 1626 with Urban VIII.

On the same site, before the current Basilica, rose another built in the fourth century by the Roman emperor Constantine I on the area of the Circus of Nero.

Right there, in a now lost necropolis, according to tradition, was buried Saint Peter, the first of Jesus’ apostles, who was crucifixed around the middle of the first century AD.

Today St. Peter, together with St. Paul, to whom another important basilica is dedicated, is considered one of the Patrons of the city of Rome. They are both remembered on June 29, a patronal feast day for Rome.

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