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Taxi Service in Rome : Visit Trastevere – Not everyone knows that Rome is not only divided into districts, but also into“ Rioni”; the first level of toponymic subdivision of the historic center area. The “rioni” are 22 and the largest is the thirteenth: Trastevere.

Its name derives from the Latin “trans Tiberim” (translation of “beyond the Tiber”) since it is one of the few located in the west part of the main river of Rome. Since ancient times, its position has made it one of the strategic areas of the city.

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Shortly after 753 BC, the foundation date of the Eternal City, Trastevere was contended among the city of Rome and some neighboring populations such as the Etruscans of Veii, as it was a strategic point to control the river, Tiberina island and the ancient river port.

The area began to be considered as a real part of the city during the reign of Augustus, but it was the construction of the Aurelian Wall, dated 3rd century AD, that actually brought Trastevere under the administrative control of Rome.

In the eighteenth century, thanks to Pope Benedict XIV,  Trastevere acquired the current boundaries.

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There are many curiosities and anecdotes linked to Trastevere. Thanks to the partial isolation from the rest of the city and the multicultural environment, the inhabitants of Trastevere, called “Trasteverini”, have almost become a separate population: common people known for tenacity, pride and genuineness .

Many important personalities of Rome lived or were born there. One of the most famuos is the actor Alberto Sordi, known worldwide for masterpieces such as ” An American in Rome “or” The Marquis of Grillo “. Two important and famous squares are dedicated to the poets Giuseppe Gioacchino Bellino and “IL Trilussa”, who described and honored Trastevere, its streets and people, in many of their works.


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