civitavecchia port


The Civitavecchia Port is known as the “port of Rome”. It is strongly connected with the history of the Eternal City. It was the beginning of the 2nd century A.D. when the emperor Trajan decided to give the ancient capital of the empire a place that would become, over time, the center of exchanges and contacts between the peoples of the ancient “Mare Nostrum”.

The port of Civitavecchia is still an important hub for the trade in the area. It is divided into two parts: one dedicated to passengers, and one to trading.

The ways to get to the port are:

From the train station of Civitavecchia, you can take a bus to arrive directly into the port area. The company is the Argo line and it takes about 6 minutes to get to the port.

You can also reach the port area from the station on foot, it takes you about 20 minutes walking.

By car, whether you have decided to drive along the Aurelia route or the A12 motorway, you can take the Civitavecchia south exit and follow the directions to the interport.

Another way to get the the port is to rely on a taxi service.

Taxis usually arrive in “Largo della Pace” and there the passengers are picked up by a free shuttle to get to the cruise ship.

But our company and staff (drivers) attended a course at the port which allows our vehicles and passengers to access directly to the boarding area under the ship / cruise.

So the customers who rely on our service will be taken / left directly in front of the ship / cruise.

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