Taxi is usually considered one of the most expensive means of transport in big cities like Rome and Milan, but in Rome taxis have also a considerable advantage: the transfer from the city center to the airport has a fixed and not too high rate.

The fixed price for the transfer from the center of Rome to Leonardo da Vinci Airport in Fiumicino ( about 32 km) is in fact € 48.00 .


This is a compulsory price decided by Major Walter Veltroni in September 2006.

This is, however, a special tariff, valid only under certain conditions, listed below:


1) The customer must get on the taxi in the area within the so-called “Aurelian Walls”( a wall built between 270 and 275 AD from the Roman emperor Aureliano to defend the capital of the empire from possible attacks of people that were described as “barbarians”. These walls, nowadays, enclose that area of the city corresponding to the real historical center.)

2) The customer must go directly to the airport, without intermediate stops or diversions.

3) The price is identical both in the direction  Rome to Fiumicino airport and for the reverse journey.

4) The price is valid up to a maximum of four passengers.

5) Luggage is included.

6) There are no supplements for holidays or night.


. If one of these points is not respected, the normal rate (established by the taxometer) must be paid


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