Fiumicino Airport is a small town on the Roman coast famous for being the nearest port to Rome. Several ships arrive there carrying thousands of tons of goods that serve to supply the Eternal City.

Oil traffic accounts for over 50% of port activities.

Passengers  traffic is also intense and concentrated in the connection services with the Pontine islands. The transfer is facilitated by the proximity between the seaport and the airport.

Precisely in Fiumicino, in fact, there is also the Capital International Airport. The structure is dedicated to one of the greatest Italian geniuses ever: Leonardo da Vinci.

The Tuscan genius, who lived between the 15th and 16th centuries, was the first man in history to attempt to lay the foundation for the realization of the oldest human dream: flying.  Indeed, Leonardo carried out  many studies in the field of the conformation of bird wings and on air currents.

But how far is the Roman airport from the Lazio city?  It takes, on average, between 40 and 50 minutes, from the city center. Establishing a journey time from another point of Rome to the airport is difficult, due to traffic and different infrastructures in the various areas.

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There are various ways to get to Rome once landed in Fiumicino.

By car:

moving by car is certainly the fastest way, but considering the often heavy traffic and the fuel consumption, it is not possible to establish a certain price for the transfer.

Other ways, in addition to the previous mentioned taxi, are: by train, bus and NCC.


There are two lines that connect Fiumicino to the Eternal City: the Leonardo Express and the Sabina-Fiumicino railway line (FR1).

The Leonardo Express is a shuttle train that connects directly to Termini, Rome’s main station, taking 31 minutes. Trains depart every half hour from 06:38 to 23:38. A single ticket costs € 14.

The FR1 railway line is cheaper, a single ticket costs 8 euros. It also has the advantage of stopping in other Roman railway stations: Trastevere, Ostiense and Tiburtina, which allow you to reach various areas of Rome in a short time. Trains on this line leave every 15 minutes on weekdays and every 30 minutes during the holidays, with the first departure at 05:58 and the last one at 11:28.


There are 5 companies that make daily connections between Rome and Fiumicino. They depart from the arrivals area of ​​terminals 2 and 3 and, depending on the company, tickets cost between € 4 and € 8 for a one-way trip, which takes about 40-70 minutes, depending on the stops and traffic.

-SIT BUS, stops at Piazza Cavour and Termini station. 8 euros for a single ticket.

-TERRAVISION connects Fiumicino directly to Termini station without intermediate stops.  The cost of a single one-way ticket is 4 euros.

-TAM BUS connects the Roman airport to the Termini and Ostiense stations. The cost of a single ticket is 4 euros for Termini and 6 for Ostiense.

-SCHIAFFINI connects Fiumicino to Termini. The cost of a single ticket is 4 euros.

-COTRAL connects Fiumicino to two Rome metro stations: Cornelia (line A) and Eur Magliana (line b). These buses make stops at the Tiburtina and Termini stations. The cost of a single ticket is 7 euros.

NCC (Rental With Driver):

It is, together with the private car, the most comfortable way to go from the Roman airport to the city. Booking the service before your departure, you will be welcomed by the driver who will be waiting for you at the arrivals holding a sign with your name and he will take you directly to the hotel or apartment you have booked. The rates, however, in this case vary according to the company chosen and do not follow fixed parameters.

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