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Fiumicino taxi transfer : Visit Pantheon – The Pantheon is an ancient building located in the heart of the Eternal City, exactly in the Capitoline district “Pigna”. Despite its central location, it is one of the least known structures of ancient Rome.

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The first construction dates back to 27 BC, ordered by Marco Vispanio Agrippa, the son-in-law of the first Roman emperor Augustus. Between 120 and 124 A.D,  after being destroyed by several fires, it underwent a series of renovations by Emperor Hadrian.

Its has changed over time: at the beginning it was used as a temple dedicated to all past, present and future divinities ( the etymology of the name derives from the Greek adjective ancient “τό πάνθειον”). From the 7th century AD the Pantheon was converted into a Christian basilica and, since then, it has been renamed Santa Maria della Rotonda or Santa Maria ad Martyres.

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As a well-preserved example of Roman monumental architecture, the Pantheon was often taken as a model by many European and American architects. Numerous churches, civic halls, universities and libraries from various parts of the world, in fact, echo its structure with a portico and a dome: some examples can be the Basilica of San Francesco in Paola of Naples or the Low Memorial Library of Columbia university in Washington DC

Over the centuries the Pantheon gradually assumed an increasingly pagan purpose. It hosts the tombs of the first two Italian kings: Vittorio Emanuele II and his son Umberto I, and of some important Italian painters; Raffaello Sanzio, for example.

Today this ancient basilica is property of the Italian state, run by the MIBAC (Ministry of National Heritage and Culture).

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