fiumicino taxi service

Welcome in Leonardo da Vinci airport, better known by all, simply as Fiumicino Airport.

Located about 30 km from the city center, the airport was officially opened January 15, 1961 after 21 months of works.

During the works for its construction, it emerged the remains of five ships of ancient Rome who were transferred to the nearby Museum of Roman ships.

The airport has four terminals (T1, T2, T3 and T5) and in correspondence with each of them you can ask for our Fiumicino Taxi Service.

Precisely because it is an international airport, and therefore very busy, it can happen at times for various reasons, that the flight we are waiting is delayed.

And what better occasion than this to be organizing this waiting time by our taxi rental company.


A stone’s throw from the airport, there are two of the largest shopping centers in the city. Leonardo Park that besides the commercial area full of shops, has a multiplex cinema among the largest in Italy.

The shopping center Leonardo da Vinci (who It takes its name precisely from the airport) which also offers a wide variety of commercial activities with the ability to make a pleasant walk outdoors.

It is not just a classic enclosed mall.

A few km from the airport, there is also the seafront of the town of Fiumicino and there can be no doubt take advantage of a relaxing walk.

All of this is able to organize our company even with little warning time, to make you a pleasant wait that otherwise it would be difficult.

Our drivers are prepared to meet your needs and what is most dear to us in our work is certainly always have a happy customer on the service that we are going to offer.

What are you waiting?

Call Us at the number +393286477449 and book your private Fiumicino Taxi Service.

Our company is very professional and all our driver speak in English. Fixed and economy rate!

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