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Fiumicino Airport Transfer – When travelling to Rome by plane you have two possibilities on where to land, as there are two airports in the area: Fiumicino and Ciampino. The first airport was inaugurated in 1961; it is the most important because it can host more passengers and has direct flights to many parts of the globe.

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This structure is located near the town of Fiumicino which, despite being a few km from Rome, has been considered a real town in its own right since 6 March 1992.

Before becoming an independent municipality, Fiumicino was part of the thirty-seventh districts of Rome (indicated by Z. XXXVII). Those districts are real toponymic subdivisions of the rural area around the Capital; the municipality of Fiumicino occupies the strip of the Tyrrhenian coast, just north of the delta of the river Tiber. It is connected to the city of Rome through one of the Roman consular roads: “via Portuense”.

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The local port is very important and rises in the area where once were the two major ports of ancient times: Claudius’ and Trajan’s ports; the greatest amount of products to supply the capital of the empire arrived there.

In the area you can admire some archaeological finds of the ancient age; for example the remains of the early Christian basilica of St. Hippolytus, a theologian and Roman writer who lived between the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD, and who is considered the first antipope of the history of the Catholic Church.

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