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Civitavecchia Transfers : Visit Civitavecchia – In ancient times, besides Fiumicino, the capital of the empire could count on another important port: Civitavecchia. It has roman origins and today it is one of the most important ports in Italy and the second in Europe.

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Known since ancient times as the “port of Rome”, it was founded in 108 AD. by Emperor Trajan. For many centuries it represented the fulcrum of exchanges and contacts between the peoples of the ancient “Mare Nostrum” (ancient name by which the Mediterranean Sea was known).

T he origin of Civitavecchia is, however, even older compared to its port. The first village, in fact,  developed in the area during the Etruscan period.

The construction of the city  begun in 107 and was completed approximately in 110 AD, shortly after the construction of its port. T he ancient name by which the settlement was known, Centumcellae ( a Latin word that can be translated as “one hundred cells”) appears for the first time in a letter written by the writer “Plinio il giovane” around 107 AD.

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The term “Centumcellae” has had many interpretations throughout history: some believe that it refers to the number of coastal inlets, others claim that “centum” refers to the rooms of Trajan’s villa, which, anyway, can’t still be located in a precise point of the area.

Given the commercial importance of its port, Civitavecchia has never suffered decline periods like other parts of the Roman province. During the 16th century a fortress was built to protect the port,  “Forte Michelangelo”. It is still one of the most visited places in the area, and according to the legend, it was designed by the architect Michelangelo Buonarroti.

The presence of the port, however, involved not only benefits, but also tragic moments. During the Second World War, for example, the area of Civitavecchia was repeatedly bombed by the Allies, as its port was an important landing place for goods that served to support the Nazi-Fascist troops in the area.

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